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Do you offer Day of Coordination? 

In short? No. But keep reading! The truth is, there is simply no way any Wedding Planner worth their salt would convince you to only work with them for one day (or month for that matter). It just isn’t enough time to understand your event inside and out and successfully bring your vision to life. This is why the services I offer are custom to what YOU need. I want to meet you where you are in the planning process and be fully confident that without question I understand your vision and can bring it to life.   


When should I book a Wedding Planner?

As early as possible! As your planner, my goal is to bring your vision to life all while respecting your time and budget & giving you peace of mind. By booking me early, it gives us more time to make thoughtful decisions and accomplish all of the little tasks that come with planning a wedding - it also means you have your pick of wedding pros for your team and you aren't stuck with whoever has the date free. I want my couples to enjoy the entire process - from engagement to "I do" and not be overwhelmed because they put off hiring a planner until that "oh crap" moment.

My venue comes with a coordinator, do I really need a wedding planner too? 

Good question (we get asked this a lot). Check out this article written by a California based planner who I have come to know and love, Renee Dalo. She knows her stuff! She used to be a venue coordinator and does a great job explaining why a venue coordinator isn’t enough. 


Do you stay until the end of the night?

Sure do! One service I am adamant about providing my couples is helping pack up at the end of the night; because you surely don’t want your guests or mom stuck doing that, right? I will also arrange with you ahead of time who is responsible for taking home the gifts, decor, personal elements, etc at the end of the night and will make sure they are safely in a car or hotel room. 


Do you plan our rehearsal dinner too?

I can! All of my packages are custom based on where you are in the planning process and how I can best serve you as a couple. For some couples they absolutely want me involved in the rehearsal dinner planning (or a morning after brunch) and for others it isn’t necessary. What’s great about my offerings is that you can always add-on to your package down the line (the proposal you receive will include some examples). Oftentimes you don’t know what you need until you need it, and that’s why I am here to help. 

Do I have to book vendors on your preferred list? 

It's definitely not a requirement, but let me tell you why it’s a good idea. I truly believe my relationships with other wedding and event pros are just as (if not more) important than my relationship with you. Wait, what? Let me explain! When someone entrusts me to help bring their wedding day vision to life, I want to be 100% confident in the whole team. Everyone from the florist to the DJ to the catering company is critical to the overall experience. I am proud of the relationships I have built with other pros and if I suggest one to you, it’s because they have proven to me that they deserve my recommendation. And honestly, because it means I know they will knock it out of the park if you hire them. 

I heard about a website called Aisle Planner - do you use it? 

Yes!! Aisle Planner is a fantastic tool I use to help all of our couples through the planning process. Upon booking, every Amy Burke Events couple receives access to a personalized profile with a customizable budget, checklist, guest list tracker and much more.  Check out this video showcasing what Aisle Planner has to offer! 


Do you only plan weddings? 

Nope! Would you believe I started as an Event Planner at one of the national Museums in Washington DC? There, we planned and executed over 200 events annually around the country. Let me just say, I’ve dealt with some pretty intense moments (think Secret Service, Heads of State, lots of dietary restrictions, etc). Nothing you throw at me could possibly throw me for a loop. You can read more about my “other” work here. In the same way I want to bring your couples’ vision to life, I also want to help corporations and non-profit organizations create events that meet their goals!

Ready to get the party started? The dance floors are waiting to be slayed. Contact me here!

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